Law, business, finance and accounting, technology, science, medicine, tourism, marketing, environmental protection ...

&translation affiliates offer interpreting, professional translation, editing and proofreading in a range of fields. We work closely with clients in the private and public sectors and also translate for private customers.


Rogatory letters, judgments, rulings, collection cases, insurance agreements, contracts, tenders, litigation, company information, EU legislation, HSE

Business, finance and accounting

Audit reports, quarterly and annual reports, financial statements and reports, stock exchange notices, fund prospectuses, statistics, tax documentation, analyses


Technical manuals, user guides, product information, patents, petroleum documentation


Research reports and other academic texts from universities and colleges


Case histories, SPCs, manuals and other medical documents


Brochures, magazine copy, travelogues, menus, spas and spa treatments


Press releases, websites, product brochures, newsletters, advertising and promotional materials

Environmental protection

Environmental protection reports, discharge permits, pollution analyses, environmental accounts, protocol texts

When you contact an &translation affiliate, we guarantee personal attention and professional treatment of all assignments. And it goes without saying that we handle all assignments confidentially.


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