Direct contact with experienced translators

&translation is a network of highly experienced translators who provide language services of the highest quality. All affiliates have passed a rigorous authorization examination in the translation of technical language texts and are licensed as Government Authorized Translators by the Ministry of Education and Research.


As translation professionals, we work with language on a daily basis and know what it takes to recreate a new, equivalent text in our own language. We know which language tools we need to use for each job, because translation is also a craft, a craft we master.


Centuries ago, St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, said that one should not translate word for word but sense for sense, an approach we wholeheartedly endorse. Unlike our patron, we can do it in close consultation with our customers. The result: A full and proper rendering of the contents of the original source text in the target idiom.



&translation, Oslo, Norway

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